Organising Proposals


At MilTec we organise marriage proposals for those who really want to create an event that will be a story remembered for a lifetime. Lighting is an essential element for establishing the mood of an event and with background music included we can organise personalised proposals.

In October, we were contacted by John who wanted to create a whimsical, personalised marriage proposal for his partner Michelle. John knows that Michelle has all her wedding plan ideas and will likely take full control of that, so wanted to organise in a unique and memorable way a proposal that was different to the usual proposals he had read about. John knows that most women dream of the day they will be proposed to their whole lives, so he wanted a unique story for Michelle.

MilTec had a long chat with John to find out about his history with Michelle. MilTec were then able, from John’s story, to organise a light show in the roof terrace of their favourite London restaurant, overlooking the River Thames. MilTec offered three ideas for proposals and went to work to organise the lighting and audio John selected.

John’s proposal featured a large illuminated heart that MilTec custom-produced for the proposal. The heart was illuminated internally with a soft white light. Projected onto the heart was a beautiful love poem that John wrote for Michelle which read as follows:

  • To my most beautiful and better half.
  • As I look into the future I know that you are the only one for me.
  • I’ve loved you from the moment we first met.
  • You have a golden heart and an amazing smile
  • The depth of my love for you is so deep, I have no words for it.
  • Today I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Today I want us to start another chapter of our story

Along with the beautiful custom heart suspended in the air, MilTec provided LED wireless lighting, large floral arrangements with red and white carnations, and an aisle made of simple floral arrangements of the same colour carnations, LED pillar candles and pewter lanterns.

There was a photographer to record all the special moments, plus a videographer who recorded the entire process from the very beginning when MilTec were creating the installation before the couple arrived, all of which was designed to stay safely in place on a windy roof-top terrace and to ensure every detail was perfect.

John and Michelle, arrived up on the roof terrace on schedule. This is a space they have enjoyed sitting under the stars on summer nights. The surprise was all the more special as John had hired a band to play “their song”. Michelle was so shocked, she spent a long time with her hands to her mouth! She walked down the aisle to read the projected poem on the illuminated heart and started crying tears of joy.

As Michelle turned to kiss John, MilTec’s lighting engineers projected a question onto the heart: “Michelle, will you marry me?” Michelle started jumping up and down before she could get the word “YES” out of her mouth.

As soon as MilTec heard the “Yes” a light show of dancing strobes of red and white lit up the roof terrace, giving an indication to friends and family hiding in the shadows that John and Michelle were now engaged. Champagne flowed and music and dancing with the live band continued into the night, with John and Michelle beaming with happiness.

Congratulations to John and Michelle. We wish you the very best for a lifetime of happiness together.